No conviction Recorded against Student found with MDMA at Mardi Gras

Drug-dog indicates prohibited drug on client  

Liam* was a student who was attending a Mardi Gras after party in Sydney. A drug detection dog made an indication in the free space around him. The police officer stopped Liam and asked if he was in possession of drugs.

Liam admitted to having the drugs and gestured to the police that they were in his buttocks. The police then took him to a searching area where they conducted a strip search and found two capsules of MDMA.

The arrest and charge 

The police arrested and charged Liam for possess prohibited drug. Liam entered a plea of guilty.

A conviction would have negatively impacted on his career prospects. 

Our lawyers made submissions on Liam’s behalf arguing that Liam:

  • was a person of good character,
  • demonstrated remorse
  • and was unlikely to reoffend.

The submissions were made with the hope that the Magistrate would consider them when determining Liam’s sentence.


As a result, the Magistrate sentenced Liam and recorded no conviction on the condition that he complete a good behaviour bond under section 10.

While it is never advisable to possess prohibited drugs, Liam was fortunate enough to receive this outcome. A conviction could have significantly impacted his future.

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*Names have been changed for client confidentiality 


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