Police v GP: Shoplifting charges

Shoplifting charges

Larceny theft property offence stealingPolice charged P and his friend with shoplifting (value less than $2,000) from a supermarket.

CCTV footage showed the pair leaving the store with a canvas bag containing store property. Police intercepted the two men as they were walked through a shopping centre car park.

P’s co-accused admitted to the offence during a police notebook interview in the shopping centre security office. He confirmed to police that his friend had no involvement with the shoplifting. The saleable goods were then returned to the store.

Shoplifting charge gets Section 10 dismissal

However, the local court Magistrate accepted that:

  • P’s limited involvement in the minor offence,
  • youth
  • and unblemished criminal record

were sufficient grounds to deal with the matter by way of section 10 dismissal without penalty.


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