Domestic cat (may not be actual cat involved in altercation)

BR – Successful outcome for client charged with common assault (DV); stalk/intimidate

Cat bites man and he assaults his girlfriend

BR had an intimate relationship with the alleged victim for 8 months. The victim was eleven weeks pregnant with BR’s child.

BR was attending to the family cat, when he was bitten and became angry. The alleged victim approached BR and asked him what was wrong. BR became angry and shouted at her. The victim walked away towards her room and BR followed her, continuing to shout and call her names. BR made a verbal threat and the alleged victim then asked BR to leave, so he began packing his bags.

After finishing, BR went outside and noticed the alleged victim rolling a cigarette. BR emptied the alleged victim’s tobacco on the ground and attempted to slap a cigarette from the alleged victim’s hands, causing her to fall to the ground. BR then picked the alleged victim up once he realised what he had done. She contacted the police and BR left.

The alleged victim provided police with a Domestic Violence Evidence in Chief (DVEC), stating that BR threatened her and made her fear for her safety. BR was later arrested, cautioned, and conveyed to Riverstone Police Station.

Successful defence by our criminal defence lawyers

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully acted for BR at the Children’s Court. After a successful negotiation, the prosecution agreed to withdraw the charges if no further incidents occurred in the next three months.

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Domestic cat (may not be actual cat involved in altercation)
Domestic cat (may not be actual cat involved in altercation)
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