AVO Extension successfully blocked

AVO Extension served by police

Brian* was served with an application to extend an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) that the police had obtained on behalf of his ex-partner. Brian had not breached his AVO since it was made two years ago, and he had not had any contact with the person named in the AVO since that same date.

The extension of the AVO would have prevented Brian from seeing his children who were never in need of protection and had never been listed as persons in need of protection (PINOP) under any previous order.

Police agreed to withdraw the extension of the applicant.

We drafted representations for its withdrawal on behalf of the client and the police agreed to withdraw the extension of the applicant.

“Sincere thanks for your assistance in having [the] police to withdraw the AVO application to vary. You treated me with utmost professionalism and sensitivity.”

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*name changed to protect the client’s identity.

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