Successful outcome for client who assaulted undercover police after being found with prohibited drugs

Undercover police finds prohibited drug after stop and search

Undercover police observed AS walking out walking out of Coles supermarket in Surry Hills in Sydney’s inner city. The undercover police knew AS, approached him, and identified themselves as NSW police officers.

As they were having a brief conversation, AS was pushing his bicycle through the carpark. Police alleged that AS was fidgeting with his track pants pocket. He removed a Coles receipt and informed the police officers he had only bought a drink.

The police noticed AS attempting to conceal a wrapped plastic syringe. They searched him and found an unknown substance. Police believed this to be Methylamphetamine, and proceeded to arrest and caution AS.

AS became irate and attempted to leave. A scuffle ensued. With the assistance of the shopping centre security guard, AS was restrained and handcuffed.

Outcome: Some charges dismissed & Section 10A conviction without penalty

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented AS at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney’s CBD.

After entering a guilty plea to sequence 1, we were able to have the remaining charges dismissed. We successfully outlined AS’s family issues, the fact he is seeing a psychologist, and the significance of his time in custody. AS was found guilty of possessing prohibited drugs and the Court imposed a section 10A conviction with no other penalty.

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