Common assault: Police v TRE

Guest commits common assault on host

TRE was staying as a guest in the apartment of the complainant.

On the day of the incident, the complainant had returned home to find the door latched closed. As the complainant reached through the gap in the door in an attempt to unlatch the door, TRE slammed the door on her arm. When the victim eventually gained entry to the flat, TRE physically assaulted her. Consequently, TRE faced charges of two counts of common assault, and instructed O’Brien Solicitors to defend the charges.

Negotiations with police prosecutors

The defence made representations to police, arguing that, given TRE’s homelessness and long history of petty crime,  proceeding with the charges was not the most effective way to prevent further offending.

Instead, the defence suggested that TRE should consent to a 2-year Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). Subsequently, the police ultimately accepted this suggestion, and withdrew the charges against TRE.


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