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Criminal Defence, Civil Litigation for Police Misconduct and Defamation
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Expert Defence Lawyers

Our firm is qualified in all types of criminal law. We have tailored our process around relieving your stress while providing you with a first class, cost effective defence.

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Traffic / Driving Lawyers

Traffic offences are where most people come in contact with the police. Drink Driving can be very serious. Our lawyers defend you to get the best outcome.

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Police Civil Claims Lawyers

We can assist you by fighting for financial compensation if you have been unlawfully arrested, assaulted by police, or treated unfairly in other ways in a prosecution.

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Legal Aid Solicitors

If you’re going through financial difficulty, we can apply for Legal Aid for you. If we’re successful in that application, Legal Aid will pay us to defend you.

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Commissions & Inquiries

In ICAC, Royal Commissions and Crime Commissions, we’ll protect your rights; whether you are a witness to an injustice, or presenting your side of the story. This includes the Banking Royal Commission.

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Defamation Lawyers

If your reputation has been harmed by what others have said, written or published, then our defamation lawyers can sue for monetary compensation.

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Free Initial Consultation

The first meeting is free and with no obligation. You can see first hand whether we are the right lawyers for you, with a stress-free conversation.

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About O'Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors

We provide cost-effective, highly professional legal advice


I have been passionately defending people for fifteen years. Everyone is entitled to a strong and respectful defence against criminal charges, which is why we have adopted a personalised approach that separates us from larger criminal law firms.

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is a full-service criminal defence law firm which can defend you from criminal prosecution. In addition, we can assist you by fighting for financial compensation if you have been unlawfully arrested, assaulted by police, defamed or treated unfairly in other ways. We are also able to assist you in preparation for or in attending at Royal Commissions, at ICAC and other commissions of inquiry.

We are located in the heart of Sydney’s legal precinct, opposite the Downing Centre Courts and close to the Central Local Court.

Call us and come in for a free, no-obligation appointment to decide if we’re right for you. We look forward to working with you and fighting for your interests.