Woman denied entry at correctional facility due to unlawful strip search awarded compensation

Unlawful strip search results in client being denied entry

Jenny* travelled to a correctional centre where her partner was incarcerated with the intention of visiting him. When she arrived officers at the correctional facility approached Jenny to undergo a strip search. While being searched, the female officer exposed her breast and genital areas. Officers located nothing suspicious, despite this they refused Jenny entry into the facility.

Correctional officers then denied that the search had ever occurred.

Monetary compensation awarded for distress suffered

Jenny suffered a restraint of her liberty for the duration of her strip search. She was subject to unlawful arrest when her genital area and breasts were exposed, and she was essentially assaulted by correctional officers.

Jenny approached O’Brien Civil and Criminal Solicitors and advised us to commence civil proceedings. Angela suffered anguish and mental distress as a result of the strip search. Jenny in compensation for her unlawful strip search, received generous monetary compensation.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality


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