WLK v State of QLD (QLD Police)


WLK, the Plaintiff, was sitting in a restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland with his partner and her two children. The Police confronted WLK and a minor altercation occurred. Upon WLK asking one of the officers’ badge numbers, it was not provided. He was verbally abused, assaulted and searched. This occurred in view of other patrons at the restaurant and caused WLK to experience embarrassment and distress. WLK was arrested and taken to Southport Police Station. WLK spent several hours in custody before being charged with Public Nuisance and Assaulting a Police Officer. WLK was then released from custody. The following morning, the charges against WLK were subsequently withdrawn and dismissed in Court.


O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors acted for WLK in a claim for unlawful assault and battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. The matter settled prior to trial, at a Court-ordered mediation. WLK was compensated well.

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Surfers Paradise, Queensland
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