WD – Successful outcome for client charged with driving offence

Facts: driving while disqualified and speeding

WD was charged with driving while disqualified and speeding 20km/h over the limit. WD was caught driving 104km/h in an 80km/h work zone. Police later stopped WD’s vehicle and asked him to produce his licence. WD is on a working visa in Australia and gave police an international license. When asked if he held a NSW driver’s licence, WD told the police no.

Police later found out that he did hold a NSW driver’s license which was disqualified until 2023.

Outcome: fine and drivers licence disqualification

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented WD at the Downing Centre Local Court. We successfully highlighted WD’s background, personal circumstances, guilty plea and genuine remorse. WD received a $400 fine and 5-month drivers licence disqualification period for the first offence and a $200 fine for the second offence.

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