Unlawful entry, assault, possession of stolen property: Police v AG

Unlawful entry on inclosed lands, Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 s 4(1) – possession of unlawfully obtained goods, Crimes Act 1900 s 527C(1)(a) – assault police officer in execution of duty, Crimes Act 1900 s 60(1) – conviction with no other penalty, Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 s 10A – police pursuit through backyards – stolen watch – plea of guilty


AG was stopped by police and asked to provide his current details. AG gave a fake name. When police prompted AG to provide correct details, AG turned and ran. AG ran through the yards of two residential premises before being detained by police. Police seized a stolen TAG Heuer wristwatch from AG. While conducting a strip search at the police station, AG spat on one of the officers.


AG pleaded guilty to all charges. A conviction with no other penalty was recorded for the unlawful entry on inclosed land offences. AG was sentenced to a total of four months imprisonment for the spitting assault and the possession of stolen goods.

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