Transport Police Assault Train Passenger Over Opal Card

Transport police were at Blacktown railway station
Blacktown railway station exterior concourse view. Photographer: Abesty

George* was at Blacktown Railway Station changing trains when transport police officers were checking Opal Cards.

George walked past an officer who yelled at him to stop. The officer subsequently followed and grabbed him. George kept walking. However, as he was getting out his Opal Card, it fell to the ground as the officer capsicum sprayed and tasered him. Then, another officer leg swept George and threw him to the ground.

The transport police officers handcuffed George and took him to Blacktown Hospital. Staff there at the hospital treated his injuries.

Magistrate dismisses charges on Mental Health grounds.

The Magistrate at Blacktown Local Court dismissed all charges under the Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act.

Subsequently, O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors started a civil action against the State of NSW. Our lawyers sued police for:

Our lawyers were successful in settlement for a favourable amount

Our lawyers who sue police and Government lawyers exchanged Offers of compromise.

In conclusion, the matter subsequently settled with the client accepting a reasonable amount. 

*We changed the Names in order to protect the identity of our clients.


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