Sydney Shoplifting Case: A Guilty Plea And Good Behaviour Bond​

The Offence: Attempted Shoplifting and Larceny

RD was caught red-handed while attempting to shoplift items from a department store in Sydney. Police subsequently conducted a thorough investigation and reviewed CCTV footage, which revealed that RD had committed similar thefts.

Charges: Two Counts of Larceny

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that RD had been involved in a sophisticated theft ring and subsequently charged with  two counts of larceny across Sydney.

Outcome: Guilty Plea and Good Behaviour Bond

After the assistance with our lawyers, RD was able to enter a guilty plea and receive a good behaviour bond for 18 months. This type of bond, also known as a section 9 bond, allows the accused to avoid a criminal conviction as long as they comply with certain conditions, including good behaviour and attendance at counselling or rehabilitation programs, if required.

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*Names have been changed to the protect the identity of our client


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