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What is a criminal defence lawyer?

Don't risk fines, loss of privileges, or imprisonment - contact us about getting a defence lawyer now.A criminal defence lawyer is a fundamental entitlement of any accused person. If you are suspected, accused or charged with committing a crime, don’t think for once that you have no rights. You do have rights, and our defence lawyers will protect those rights from being infringed by the police or other prosecuting authorities.

Once arrested or charged, you don’t want to risk being remanded in custody awaiting a hearing or trial date, and in the longer term suffering the social and career stigma of a guilty verdict, followed by a sentence that means that you could be fined, sent to jail or punished in other ways. Even in the case of guilt, there are ways to mitigate the verdict, conviction or sentence so that you suffer less than you could otherwise.

O’Brien Solicitors are regularly present to defend people charged with criminal offences in the Local, District and Supreme courts in Sydney and throughout NSW.

Navigating the court and justice system yourself is full of peril. There are particular rules relating to the ability to apply for bail, meeting the requirements of the court, and laws about appealing a verdict, conviction or severity or sentence.

Who are O’Brien Solicitors Defence Lawyers?

At O’Brien Solicitors we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a solid criminal defence to our clients in all courts. We have defended our clients against charges as diverse as routine drug offences and driving offences to murder and other serious crimes. Our lawyers have made appearances in Royal Commissions, ICAC and the NSW and Australian Crime Commissions.

We provide a first consultation free of charge, and will provide criminal defence services at a cost that is sustainable by you, while obtaining the best possible result in protecting your rights.

Contact O’Brien Solicitors on (02) 9261 4281 to set up a free appointment in our Sydney office.

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