Successful outcome for client charged with driving under the influence of prohibited drugs


Police show up at the scene of the car crash with a tree

Police arrived at the scene after getting information of Ron* driving erratically before his car went off the road and collided into a tree.

Whilst observing Ron, the police noticed him to be under the effect of drugs due to his slurred speech and pupils being pin-pointed. The police also conducted a breath test on Ron which returned a negative reading for alcohol.

From these observations, Police formed reasonable grounds to suspect Ron was driving under the influence of prohibited substances. Police then arrest Ron for the purpose of a blood and urine sample. After searching Ron, they find a small aluminium wrapping within his wallet. This included a small amount of white powdery substance – Methylamphetamine. This drug is commonly known as ice.

Shortly after, police took Ron to Blacktown Hospital for a blood and urine sample. The sample indicated that a combination of drugs was in his system during the time. The Expert Certificate from NSW Police Force Forensic Medicine Unit report stated Ron was under the influence of prohibited substances to the extent that his driving ability would have experienced impairment.

Outcome: Fine & 6 month disqualification period

Our lawyers successfully represent Ron at Blacktown Local Court. Under his instructions, we entered a plea of guilty in relation to a possession of a prohibited drug. This is in relation to s 10(1) Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.

We proceeded to defend the charge of drive with illicit substances presented in blood or oral fluid.

Ron received the best possible outcome:

  • $550 fine for the driving with illicit substances offence (s 111(3)(a) Road Transport Act 2013).
  • Disqualification period of 6 months
  • No penalty for possession of prohibited drug

*Names have been changed for client confidentiality

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