Police v SXM: Possess prohibited drug

Free music festival ticket plus Molly

Ecstacy MDMA molly music festival pill testingSXM attended a music festival on the Central Coast on NSW, north of Sydney. She had been given a complimentary ticket by a friend. However, along with the ticket the friend also provided SXM with an unasked-for MDMA tablet. MDMA has the street names of ecstasy and Molly. A sniffer-dog operation at the festival detected the MDMA pill on SXM’s person. SXM was fully cooperative with police, and they arrested her on a charge of possessing prohibited drugs.

At the time of arrest SXM was in her final year of a teaching degree. A criminal conviction would jeopardise her efforts in pursuing teaching as a career.

Guilty plea to possessing prohibited drugs leads to no conviction

SXM pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing prohibited drugs, and the matter proceeded to sentence.

O’Brien Solicitors assisted SXM in collecting and tendering several letters of reference. The magistrate in the Local Court gave SXM a section 10(1)(b) non-conviction, meaning that SXM is still able to have a career as a teacher.

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