Youth Justice in Action: Maya's Positive Outcome in the Children's Court​


Maya was a foster child who struggled with substance abuse from a young age. One night, while intoxicated in a public park, Maya assaulted two younger boys and stole from them. When police arrived, Maya attempted to hide but was eventually apprehended after a struggle.

Juvenile Justice: Youth Justice Conference

During negotiations, the charge of robbery was withdrawn by the police. Maya pleaded guilty to the remaining charges. However, after submissions were made, the Magistrate determined that the appropriate course of action in this case was a youth justice conference. Youth justice conferences are a diversionary measure that often do not result in a conviction being recorded.

Positive Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Following completion of the youth justice conference, the Magistrate dismissed Maya’s charges without conviction.

This case study highlights the importance of considering alternative options for young offenders in the juvenile justice system. In Maya’s case, the youth justice conference provided an opportunity for rehabilitation and a second chance, resulting in the charges being dismissed without a conviction.

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