Police Unlawful Conduct Towards an Individual with a Complex Neurological Disorder

Police unlawful conduct with an individual who suffers from a complex neurological disorder

At the end of 2019, in Kensington, a distressing incident unfolded involving Alex*, an individual who suffers from a complex neurological disorder. Randwick Police entered Alex’s unit without consent, to investigate an incident involving a plate being thrown at a police vehicle from a balcony.

An Unjustifiable Use of Force

Inside Alex’s apartment, the police’s attention swiftly shifted from their initial purpose. Spotting cannabis on Alex’s coffee table, they took it upon themselves to arrest him, disregarding proper procedures. As Alex questioned their actions, an officer resorted to physical aggression, pushing Alex in the chest, causing him to fall over.

The unjust treatment continued as they forcefully dragged Alex out of his own apartment.

The same officer then struck Alex in the rib cage and issued him with a Court Attendance Notice (CAN) for possession of a prohibited drug. Thereafter a magistrate at Waverley Local Court dismissed those charges.

Accountability and Compensation for unlawful conduct

On 26 April 2021, the prosecutors charged the Randwick police officer with four counts of assault against Alex.

In response, Alex initiated legal action, seeking redress for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and trespass to property. The matter settled before court with our client receiving favourable monetary compensation.

Protecting Your Rights with Experienced Lawyers:

If you or someone you know experienced police misconduct, it is important to seek legal advice and support. Our law firm has experience in handling such cases and we can help guide you through the legal process, ensure that you understand your rights, and provide you with the support you need to seek justice.

*Confidentiality Disclaimer

We change names in this case study to ensure client confidentiality and privacy. The details however, accurately represent the nature of the case.


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