Police Falsely Arrest Victim Of Vicious Assault, After He Calls 000.

In this article we explore the case of Jacob who police arrested without reasonable grounds.


Unlawful arrest at boarding house

While living in a boarding house, Jacob* experienced harassment from fellow residents. This harassment became so severe that Jacob felt he had to contact the police.

Once police arrived they found Jacob with serious injuries and observed blood dripping from facial lacerations. These were caused by the same residents who harassed Jacob. Although, instead of attending to Jacob, police approached the two perpetrators. While police spoke with the perpetrators Jacob expressed to police that he was the person that called. However, police, without consideration, arrested Jacob.

Police escorted Jacob to the hospital where he began explaining his recount of events. It was at this time that police officers openly admitted that they had made a mistake. Despite admitting to a wrongful arrest, police did not allow Jacob to converse with his social worker.

Shortly after Jacob’s operation, Police took him to the police station where they questioned him. Jacob expressed the pain he was feeling from the surgery the day prior and requested that the interview occur at another time. However, police refused. They continued with the interview despite Jacob’s agony and requested a DNA sample. Again, Jacob refused to provide a sample as it would be painful to open his mouth. Police persisted and collected a DNA sample.

Jacob got notification from police that his boarding house had evicted him. Then, they dropped him off at the hospital. Jacob slept in the hospital lobby as he was now homeless.

Generous monetary award after arrest with no reasonable grounds

Police failed to provide reasonable grounds for Jacob’s arrest. He essentially suffered a loss of liberty while they detained him. As a result, Jacob distrusts the police.

Jacob instructed O’Brien Civil and Criminal Solicitors to commence civil proceedings. Through settlement Jacob received generous monetary compensation for the distress and anguish he felt when police arrested him.

*We change names to maintain confidentiality

If police arrest you without reasonable grounds, contact us. We can sue police and get you money as compensation.


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