Indigenous Child Assaulted & Seriously Injured By Police Officer

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This involved our client, Ryan*, who was seriously injured by a police officer. Ryan is an Indigenous Australian, who was only 15 years old at the time of the assault. Accordingly, Ryan sued the police for assault, battery, and false imprisonment. 

Police assault Indigenous child 

In 2021*, Ryan attended a popular local show in Sydney with some of his friends. After a while, police officers approached Ryan and his group. However, this was for seemingly no reason. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse.

A police officer grabbed Ryan’s wrist, placing it in a wrist look. The reason behind the action was unclear and seemingly unprovoked. However, the police officer claimed that he believed Ryan was going to assault one of the other officers.

CCTV proves Police lied about why they assaulted an Indigenous child 

Contrarily, the officer’s version of events was also not supported by the CCTV footage. 

While in the wrist lock, police then escorted Ryan out of the grounds. After, Ryan called his parents. As a result, his parents took him to the hospital. After an inspection from the doctors, he underwent surgery on his wrist. Therefore, Ryan suffered significant injuries as a result of the officer’s actions. 

Suing police for assault and false imprisonment 

Ryan sought legal advice and representation from O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors. Hence, we agreed to represent Ryan. Therefore, we brought proceedings for Ryan against the police.

On behalf of our client, we claimed personal injury damages for his injuries. Additionally, Ryan also suffered psychological injuries. Therefore we also sought damages for the mental anguish he suffered. We brought proceedings forward for assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

In conclusion, the court found in favour of our client and compensated Ryan fairly. 

*We changed the names to protect the identity of our clients. 

Do you need to sue the police for assault? 

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