OD – Client avoids community work for 12 months

Driving while disqualified

Police laid charges against OD of driving while disqualified (54(1)(a) of the Road Transport Act 2013).

He had been disqualified from driving for a period of 9 months after he was charged and pleaded guilty to drink driving (high range PCA). OD was serving a good behaviour bond for the drink drinking offence at the time.

Police detected OD at a random breath test (RBT) who discovered that he was driving while disqualified. OD pleaded guilty and therefore breached his good behaviour bond. He had retired from work due to complication with his health. OD had concerns about court ordered community service work due to his reduced mobility because of his health issues.

Community Correction Order

Our client pleaded guilty to the charge of driving while disqualified. He was to be re-sentenced for the breach of the bond for the drink driving charge.

At sentencing, OD got a Community Correction Order without community work for 12 months (Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 Section 8).

OD was also got a fine of $1500 for driving while disqualified. The magistrate disqualified him for a further 9 months.


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