Negotiation of Severance Payment for Client – CN

Have you been harassed in the workplace and are unsure of your legal rights? Read about how we assisted a client in negotiating a severance payment with her employer after she was harassed in her workplace.

Facts: Client subjected to workplace harassment

Our client CN was subjected to workplace harassment and bullying by her boss. There were several incidents where she was exposed to repeated offensive, intimidating and humiliating behaviour by her boss. This included allegations of inappropriate and unwanted physical touching, inappropriate phone calls and messages outside of work hours, unsolicited visits to her hotel room to discuss matters unrelated to work and ignoring her complaints that she was feeling uncomfortable with this behaviour. The behaviour of her boss caused her to suffer from stress, fear and anxiety, to the extent that she was unable to return to the workplace.


CN approached us to draft a letter to her employer negotiating a severance agreement and termination of her employment. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors assisted CN in successfully negotiating a severance payment.


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