Drug dog sniffs out cocaine @ music festival entrance

Our client, Harry (or HV), attended the A Day On The Green music festival in the Hunter Valley.

He arrived at the location that morning with several friends. While entering the venue, a police drug dog provided indications that he was possessing prohibited drugs. Consequently, the police stopped Harry.

Then, they took him to their tent outside the venue and lawfully strip searched Harry and found cocaine. They then took him to the Police Station and charged him with two counts of possess prohibited drug. These charges come from his being in contravention of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW).

Unfortunately this arrest meant that he was unable to re-enter the venue and attend the festival with his friends.

Outcome: Conditional Release Order

We entered pleas of guilty to both charges on Harry’s behalf. The magistrate then sentenced him to a Conditional Release Order (CRO) for 18 months.

Harry, was happy with the outcome because he had a young family to provide for and couldn’t afford to get a custodial sentence.

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