MR v State of New South Wales- Successful claim for Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment

Facts: Altercation on bus leads to police assault

MR was on a bus and an altercation occurred with the bus driver. The police attended the scene and forcefully removed the Plaintiff from the bus. An officer applied a wrist lock and MR fell to the ground. This caused MR immediate pain.

The officer then lifted MR back to his feet before slamming him into the ground. The Plaintiff was then thrown into a fence on several occasions and later detained.

While handcuffed on the floor, an officer kneeled on MR’s back and shoulders, causing immediate pain. Shortly after, officers removed the handcuffs from the Plaintiff and issued him with a penalty notice.

Outcome: Police pay compensation for assault, battery and false imprisonment

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors subsequently commenced civil action against the NSW police for Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment. MR was well compensated.


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