MJP v R – Appeal upheld and conviction for charge of aggravated sexual touching quashed

Aggravated sexual touching conviction leads to appeal

MJP was convicted after a Local Court hearing of aggravated sexual touching. This crime allegedly occurred when he (in the company of another man) touched the breast of a female.

The evidence for the charge consisted of the evidence of the alleged victim, and her account to police immediately afterwards. This was recorded on a police officer’s body-worn video camera.

MJP had representation from another law firm during the Local Court proceedings.  He then appealed against the conviction using O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors.

The appeal was determined in the District Court of NSW

The appeal was determined in the District Court of NSW.

After analysing the evidence, including the video evidence and hearing submissions focused on the inconsistencies and vagueness of the alleged victim’s complaint, the NSW District Court in Sydney upheld the appeal and quashed the conviction.


“Thank you Peter for your professional attitude, advocacy and patience in relation to finalising my appeal. You delivered what you said you were going to do, and you have my family’s sincere appreciation” — MJP

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