Our lawyers negotiate with police prosecutors who withdraw the charge of larceny

Police charge client with larceny (stealing friend’s mobile phone and credit card)

Larceny theft property offence stealingProactive Crime Team South Sydney police officers accused our client, David, of stealing his friend’s mobile phone and credit card. In their evidence, police had CCTV footage of our client entering Woolworths at Town Hall in Sydney’s CBD, and the Abbott’s Hotel in the inner city suburb of Waterloo. In those places he used the alleged stolen credit card. They suspected he committed larceny.

Police attended David’s home, cautioned him, and placed him under arrest. They then conveyed David to Mascot Police Station and charged him.

When acting for David, the criminal solicitor successfully negotiated with the police prosecutors who withdrew the charge of larceny. Then, David instructed our lawyers that he wished to plead guilty to both charges of:

  • dishonestly obtain financial advantage
  • and goods suspected stolen.

As such, his matter proceeded directly to sentencing at the Sydney Downing Centre Local Court.

Client pleads guilty and gets a community Correction Order sentence

Magistrate Price convicted David. He got a sentence of a Community Correction Order for 18 months under Section 8 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (NSW).

We change names to protect the identity of our clients.

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