KM – Client receives successful outcome for larceny and break and enter charges

Facts: Larceny and break and enter of a house with intent to steal charges

Larceny theft property offence stealingKM entered a property where a group of friends gathered. When told to leave, KM broke into one of the group members’ car.

The friends noticed this, reached KM at a nearby shop, and asked him to empty his pockets. A number of items fell out, which he had taken from the car earlier. The police were called, and KM was arrested and charged with larceny and break and enter of a house with intent to steal.

Outcome: Central Local Court appearance results in Intensive Corrections Order  (ICO)

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented KM at the Central Local Court in Sydney’s CBD. Our criminal defence lawyers entered a plea of guilty on behalf of our client to charges of:

  • larceny
  • and enter premises with intent to commit indictable offence

and the matter was listed for sentence. We tendered a letter to the Court with a number of other materials including:

  • a patient summary from KM’s GP,
  • a sentencing assessment report from Community Corrections
  • and a letter from Offender Services and Programs at Dawn de Loas Correctional Centre. Dawn de Loas Correctional Centre is in Silverwater, in Sydney’s western suburbs.

After considering this material and our submissions, His Honour agreed to deal with the matter by way of a sentence of imprisonment served in the community under an Intensive Corrections Order (ICO) for a period of nine months. 

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