How Self-Documented Evidence Helped Expose Police Misconduct

In early 2018, Caleb* dropped off his mother at Dulwich Hill Light rail station in Sydney’s Inner West. While standing near his parked car, enjoying a cigarette he walked to a nearby tree. 

Suddenly, police officers arrived in an unmarked car, surrounding Caleb. They started questioning him in a derogatory and sarcastic tone, causing Caleb to respond assertively. 

However, instead of de-escalating the situation, the officers resorted to violence.

Police misconduct: An Unjustifiable Use of Force

The police officers then forcibly pushed Caleb* into a bike rack, bringing him to the ground, and even punching him with a closed fist. Then, they searched Caleb’s car and personal belongings while he remained on the ground, enduring both physical and emotional distress.

Seeking Accountability for police misconduct:

Despite attempting to file a complaint with Marrickville Police Station, this was to no avail. Caleb then sought medical attention for his injuries at a nearby hospital.

Caleb submitted a complaint to LECC two years later. Following which an investigation commenced into the officers failure to report the incident or record any details of the incident.

The Power of Evidence

Thanks to Caleb’s foresight in making contemporaneous notes, a crucial piece of evidence emerged. These records confirmed that Caleb’s name had been searched in the COPS online system on the same day as the incident, supporting his case significantly.

By recording the details and preserving evidence, victims can present a compelling case and seek justice. Personal evidence serves as valuable support for your claims, helping you build a stronger legal case.

Favourable Outcome

With substantial evidence and unwavering determination, Caleb took legal action against the State. We then initiated legal proceedings, suing for false imprisonment, assault, and battery. The matter settled out of court and our client received substantial monetary compensation.

Protecting Your Rights with Experienced Lawyers:

If you or someone you know experiences police misconduct, it is important to seek legal advice and support. Our law firm has experience in handling such cases and we can help guide you through the legal process, ensure that you understand your rights, and provide you with the support you need to seek justice.

*Confidentiality Disclaimer

We change names in this case study to ensure client confidentiality and privacy. The details however, accurately represent the nature of the matter.


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