Getaway driver: aggravated break and enters to schools: DPP v KB

Getaway driver – aggravated break and enters – section 112 Crimes Act 1900  – school break-ins – receiving stolen property – section 188 Crimes Act 1900 plea of guilty


KB was caught up with two other males, who were on a spree of school break-ins. The purpose of the break-ins was to steal money and valuable property, including laptops. KB acted as a driver for the two males, and participated in some of the break-ins. Five schools were targeted.


KB entered an early plea of guilty to the offences. The judge in the District Court took this into account during sentencing, and also took into account KB’s problems with addiction and his need for family support.

The total sentence KB received was 3 years and 3 months, backdated to account for the time he had already spent in custody. Given that each of the five offences carry a maximum penalty of 20 years, KB’s sentence is relatively low.



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