Failure to leave premises leads to discovery of arrest warrant – case of SM

arrest arms in handcuffsFailing to leave premises followed by check drill and discovery of outstanding arrest warrant

SM was charged with failing to leave a licenced premise, contrary to section 77(4) of the Liquour Act 2007.

Police arrived and saw SM standing against a wall appearing to talk on the phone. Police placed their right hand on SM’s left elbow and told him it was time to go and that he had been asked to leave. SM, who appeared intoxicated, denied that anyone had asked him to leave, and then pushed his face into the police officer’s. Police immediately check drilled SM. A check drill is where police use their hands in the chest to block the approach of a potential assailant.

After a COPS database check was conducted on SM, police found he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

No prison sentence imposed at Manly Local Court

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented SM at Manly Local Court. SM received section 12 and section 10 bonds, with a fine of $550. There was no prison sentence.

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