Children’s Court: Successful outcome for client charged aggravated robbery

Seven Hills aggravated robbery results in arrest and charges

EPT, a young person, attended a Pizza Hut store with four other young persons at Seven Hills, in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, to order food. CCTV footage shows one of the group members saying something to a man leaving the store. The group proceeds to immediately follow and surround him. The man backs away and tries to put his wallet and keys into his pants pocket. Unbeknown to him, his keys fall out of his pocket. A young person in the group takes the keys and the group walks away.

Police saw CCTV stills for an earlier unrelated incident for which a number of the young persons were wanted for. Police approached the young persons where they were cautioned and searched. EPT was located with the man’s car keys in his pocket. The group were all arrested and spoke to Aboriginal Legal Services for legal advice.

Children’s Court appearance results in probation

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully acted for EPT at the Children’s Court. As instructed, we entered a plea of guilty on behalf of EPT. Our client received a 12-month probation with supervision.

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