Educational institution mishandles sexual harassment allegations

Student suffers sexual harassment

Melissa* was a student at an educational institution and when she went to visit a director, he sexually harassed her. 

She reported the sexual harassment allegations to staff members of this educational institution. They then confronted the accused director in front of Melissa. The director denied all allegations, and Melissa was then shunned by staff and students, resulting in a mental breakdown. 

No directors wanted to work with Melissa, consequently, she found it very difficult to find work in the industry. 

Sexual harassment allegations become a claim for compensation

This became a claim for sexual harassment and vicarious liability against the educational institution. The justification was that the mishandling of the sexual harassment allegations ostracized Melissa from her peers. It also negatively impacted the prospects of her career. 

We negotiated with representatives in this educational institution, where Melissa won an excellent outcome. As well, the institution paid the costs of her legal matter.

*We change names to maintain confidentiality of our clients

If you make sexual harassment allegations that don’t get an adequate response, contact our sexual harassment lawyers today.


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