DPP v KE: Robbery armed with offensive weapon

Robbery armed with offensive weaponsection 97 Crimes Act 1900 plea of guilty – sentenced 6 months non-parole by District Court.


KE was charged with two armed robberies committed on the same day, and both involved the use of a sharp weapon. KE was 18 at the time and dealing with an ice addiction.


After the arrest, O’Brien Solicitors obtained bail for KE and assisted him in finding pathways to beat his drug addiction and find employment.

It was demonstrated clearly in court that the client had turned a corner and was a good prospect for rehabilitation. The starting point for armed robbery is 5 years to serve, however the court was convinced in this case to impose 3 years with a non-parole period of 6 months.


“O’Brien’s helped me to get my life back on track. I stuffed up big time and was looking at years in jail. They helped me to make the right choices and to get through the court process quickly and without heaps of stress. I knew I was going to jail but I never expected it would be as little as 6 months. I was out for Christmas and am now drug free and working as a mechanic. Thanks again to all the team at O’Brien’s for helping me through this difficult time.” KE



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