Concreter's Contractor License Cancellation and Reinstatement

Fair Trading cancels Concreter's Contractor License

Ethan* had his contractor license cancelled by Fair Trading due to a criminal conviction and unpaid orders from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). He needed his license reinstated to make a living, which was especially important because he had faced many recent personal problems.

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Ethan’s Background

In 2009 Ethan divorced from his then wife in a non-amicable process. This resulted in substance abuse in order to cope with his loss.

Ethan struggled with substance abuse issues and went to jail in 2013 for attempting to obtain money to feed his addiction. Ethan was charged with other offences relating to obtaining money for his addiction. However, his last offence was in December 2013. The crimes reflected his mental health at the time and were irrational and petty crimes.

Since then, he turned his life around and has became the chairperson of a drug rehabilitation program. Ethan also regularly attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, and opened up a meeting resource for people like him in his area.

He has references from rehabilitation clinics stating his determination in his rehab and his remorse at the life he once led

Fair Trading Orders

The orders Fair Trading relied on that were unpaid were as follows:

  • The first order was incorrectly in the system as unpaid when the debt had been paid in full;
  • The second, third and fourth order was served on Ethan at the marital home. Ethan was unaware of the other orders because they were served at the marital home as he had been evicted a year prior.

Ethan organised to repay the outstanding debts he owed through NCAT in instalments.

Successful Outcome:

Ethan is a skilled and reliable contractor, with many references to attest to his abilities. People like Ethan who have successfully turned their lives around against the odds should get support. Cancelling his license was a setback, but we are pleased to help with reinstating his license.

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