Compensation for historical abuse of a minor at a youth program

Youth program facilitator abuses position of trust and authority

As a young person several decades ago, Amy participated in a youth program run by a not-for-profit foundation. While Amy was a participant, a facilitator of the program who was almost 30 years her senior engaged in sexual relations with Amy on numerous occasions. Outside of the program, the facilitator maintained telephone and postal contact with Amy. The facilitator knew Amy was below the legal age of consent. However, he perpetrated the sexual acts anyway. As a result of the abuse, Amy suffered distress, anxiety, and embarrassment.

Subsequently, several years after these events, Amy made an official statement to the police about her experience. The facilitator pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual intercourse with a person between the ages of 10 and 16.

Compensation for sexual abuse as a minor

As Amy was under the legal age of consent at the time of the abuse, O’Brien Solicitors argued that she could not consent to the perpetrator’s actions. We filed the matter in court. O’Brien Solicitors asked for the suppression of Amy’s name to preserve her privacy. O’Brien Solicitors argued for exemplary damages, as the perpetrator abused a position of trust and authority to groom Amy. He then went to sexually abuse and indecently assault her.

In conclusion, Amy received compensation for her experience.

  • We change names to protect the identity of our clients.

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