Common assault: robbery in company: Police v BDI

Assault on a cleaner

Police arrested BDI in relation to an assault on a cleaner at a shopping complex. The incident was on CCTV, and shows the friends of BDI assaulting the cleaner. At one point, BDI approached the victim and pats him down, as if searching for a wallet or phone.

Police charged BDI with common assault. However, as he was a juvenile, the matter went before the Parramatta Children’s Court.

Children’s Court hearing leads to good behaviour bond

Childrens Court is where children should be quickly processed rather than languishing in a watch housePrior to the Children’s Court hearing, a successful plea negotiation with the prosecution resulted in them withdrawing the robbery charges against BDI.

In return, BDI pleaded guilty to the charge of common assault. Following this plea of guilty, BDI got a sentenced of a good behaviour bond of 12 months.

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