Common assault. Not guilty: costs awarded to defendant. Police v AW

Common assault, Crimes Act 1900 Section 61 – town hall meeting ­– elevator scuffle – not guilty – costs awarded in favour of defendant


AW and the victim were both in attendance at a meeting at Redfern Town Hall, in inner Sydney. During the meeting AW was particularly verbal, to the point of being disruptive. The victim took the microphone and said words to the effect of “I came here tonight to listen to the meeting, not to listen to the AW show”.

The victim and a witness then left the hall and went to the rear foyer area to take an elevator downstairs. According to the victim’s statement, AW followed the victim out of the hall, and pushed the victim in the chest area and into the open lift. The witness apparently helped the victim break free of AW’s hold, and when the lift opened on the ground floor AW, the victim and the witness separated and went their separate ways.


O’Brien Solicitors represented AW in this matter. She was found not guilty of the common assault. Moreover, costs were awarded in her favour.



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