Client found not guilty of assault against his daughter in Bondi

Father causes injury to daughter

HDF was walking home with his 8 year old daughter in Bondi. He was holding a brown paper bag which had his daughter’s medicine inside. There was a point where he was walking faster than, and in front of his daughter. His daughter kicked HDF in the ankle from behind. This caused him to turn around and swing the bag he was holding towards his daughter in response. The bag, which had a small bottle inside, collided with the mouth of the daughter and caused her upper lip to bleed and swell. HDF immediately took his daughter to receive medical attention.

Two weeks later, the police attended HDF’s place of work where they placed him under arrest. Police charged him with common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Strong defence submissions result in a verdict of not guilty

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors represented HDF in his trial before Waverley Local Court, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

We presented a strong defence case arguing that HDF had not intended for the bag to hit his daughter, and that he immediately took her to receive medical attention. We assisted HDF in obtaining several character references which emphasised that HDF was a good father and that he would never intentionally hurt her.

The magistrate dismissed the charges after HDF was found not guilty of the charges.

If you’re facing charges of assault offences, contact O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors to assist you with your case.

Waverley Local Court in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs


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