Client Sues Hospital for Nervous Shock – HB

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are experts in assisting clients sue medical practitioners or hospitals for medical negligence. Read about one of our successful cases below.

Client’s father passed away as a result of incorrect anaesthetic

HB was an Aboriginal woman from Central Western NSW. The incident in question occurred when HB’s father went to the hospital for a routine operation. Instead of being given a local anaesthetic, another form of  medication was provided. This caused the father to go into a cardiac arrest, and the father passed away as a result of the medical negligence . The death of HB’s father had a huge impact on his family and also to his community.

Successful settlement with hospital

HB sued the hospital for the medical negligence that caused the death of her father. O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors represented HB in her claim against the hospital, with the hospital agreeing to settle. She received compensation for nervous shock.

Representing family members in medical negligence cases

If you are a family member of a person who has passed away as a result of the medical negligence of a hospital or medical practitioner, speak to us about making a claim for nervous shock. Call us on (02) 9261 4281 to book a free initial consultation with our medical negligence solicitor.

We can help you sue a medical practitioner for medical negligence if a family member has passed away as a result of medical negligence.
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