CJ – Hit and Run accident in Seaforth causing injury to pedestrian

Facts: Hit and Run accident

Traffic Driving Offences - Defence LawyersCJ, who has a diagnosis of ADHD, was driving his vehicle in Seaforth on Sydney’s Warringah peninsula. He suddenly had to apply the brakes to avoid hitting two elderly pedestrians crossing the road. The wheels skidded on the ground and CJ sounded the horn.

However, the car slid slightly and hit the male pedestrian, which led him to fall with his back hitting the driver side mirror.

CJ drove away in panic and pulled over into a side street nearby. While there, CJ called his mother and partner asking them what to do. They told him to go back and he agreed that was the right thing to do. As CJ drove back to the scene, he saw ambulance and two police cars. At the sight of this, CJ panicked and continued driving on, and went to his partner’s place. CJ had concerns that he did not act responsibly possibly because he had not taken his prescribed medication over the course of the day prior to the incident.

Outcome: Successful assistance from our traffic lawyers

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors traffic lawyers successfully assisted and advised CJ in relation to the hit and run incident driving offence.

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