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Charged with affray: Children’s Court outcome – the case of HE

Childrens Court Albion StreetYoung man sneaks into pub and gets into fight

HE, a young person, faced affray charges after engaging in a physical altercation with another young person at a Penrith hotel. He had entered the licenced premise when security were not looking. The other young person and group of friends approached HE. An altercation was about to ensue but security guards intercepted and escorted the group of friends.

Shortly after, he walked outside to meet the other young person, who was waiting for him in the car park. Several other males were watching as HE was about to engage in a consented one-on-one fight with the young person. As both began to throw numerous punches at one another, security guards immediately ran over and tried to break up the fight. Security officers managed to grab HE and removed him.

The security guards then waved down police who were in the area at the time. After speaking with the guards and conducting checks on the young persons, police arrested him. He was charged with affray.

Children’s Court appearance

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented HE at the Children’s Court. As instructed, we entered a plea of guilty on behalf of HE. Our client received a section 33(1)(b) good behaviour bond without supervision.

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