Police v KA: University student glasses security officer and is charged with assault

University student throws glass at security officer and is charged with assault

KA was a 21 year old university student who, at the completion of her studies, celebrated by drinking a large amount of alcohol in town with her friends.  Having been ejected from a licensed premises, she became involved in a violent altercation with a security officer.  Immediately after the argument she picked up a glass bottle and threw it at the security officer, causing a laceration under his eye. KA was charged by police with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.  She pleaded guilty to the charge.

Outcome: Sentenced to community service work

After hearing submissions and taking into account the contents of a pre-sentence report, the Local Court magistrate ordered that she perform 50 hours community service work.


I was so worried that I would go to jail. So many of my friends had told me that people go to jail for glassings, so I had been preparing for the worst. You presented the case so well, I was really impressed and grateful. Thanks Peter.”  – KA


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