No conviction recorded for client found with MDMA at a Mardi Gras after party

Facts: Sydney Mardi Gras drug dog patrol results in possession arrest

At a Mardi Gras after party in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, police were patrolling the entrance with drug detection dogs. One of the dogs gave indication that Max* was in posession of a prohibited substance.

However, Max declared to police that one of his friends gave him pills, which he had put in his trousers. Police subsequently placed Max under arrest. A drug analysis of the pills later indicated that Max was in possession of over 2.5 grams of ecstasy otherwise known as MDMA.

Outcome: No conviction recorded

Our Sydney drug defence lawyers presented the Waverley Local Court with his full life circumstances. Max had no prior criminal history. We compiled statistics regarding other similar offences and how the court had dealt with them. Notwithstanding the fairly significant amount of drugs, the magistrate at Waverley dealt with the matter per s 10(1)(a).

Max recieved a favourable outcome where the court recorded no criminal conviction.


“Peter, thanks for your excellent representation. Was so concerned for my job and career prospects, I desperately needed to avoid a conviction. Thanks for ensuring that I did.”

We can provide you with advice on your legal options including your legal rights, possible defences and penalties. It is important that you speak to an experienced drug lawyer before entering a plea.

*Names have been changed for client confidentiality 


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