Driving recklessly charges: Police v IS

Driving recklessly

IS was driving his motor vehicle when two Council Rangers approached his vehicle. Whilst one of the Rangers was in front of the motor vehicle, IS started the motor vehicle’s engine. He accelerated the motor vehicle causing the bonnet of the motor vehicle to impact both Rangers. IS has then brought the motor vehicle to a stop with both Rangers on the bonnet. Both Rangers removed themselves from the bonnet, he then reversed his motor vehicle before accelerating, stopping abruptly before the two Rangers.

No persons received injuries as a result of the incident and there was no property damage. IS was charged with ‘Drive vehicle recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous’ and ‘negligent driving (not occasioning death/GBH)’ by the Police.

Charge withdrawn

The criminal defence solicitor for IS made successful representations to the police resulting in the withdrawal of the charge of ‘Drive vehicle recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous’ on the morning of the hearing.

Subsequenlty, the client pleaded guilty to the second sequence. His solicitor made submissions setting out the offender’s good character, remorse, and version of events.

The Local Court Magistrate fined him, and ordered that he pay the Court costs.


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