AFP v HW: Trespass charges dismissed thanks to our lawyers

Section 19B Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)

Facts: Trespass – Airport  security and Australian Federal Police

Australian Federal Police had charged HW with a federal offence under r 3.17(2) Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 following a scuffle with security at Sydney Domestic Airport. They arrested HW after allegations that he walked into a Security Restricted Zone and walked onto a tarmac without permission or good cause. He was under the influence of alcohol at the time these events occurred.

Result obtained by our criminal defence lawyers: dismissal – no conviction recorded

We successfully argued with consideration of the character, age and the limited criminal history of the accused, that the charges be dismissed. This was under section 19(b) Crimes Act 1914.

Following the Firm’s criminal lawyer’s representation, the Local Court Magistrate was content that although the charge against the accused was proven, the offence was trivial enough in nature for leniency to be granted in this case.



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