Charges Against Minor Accused of iPod Theft Dropped

*Names have been changed for client confidentiality

Stolen goods in custody

Don, who was found in possession of an Apple iPod. Don claimed that his friend had given him the device for the purpose of downloading songs. However, he found himself facing charges of goods in custody under section 527c of the Crimes Act. 

Exclusion of Admissions

During the legal proceedings, the defence raised an objection to specific admissions made by Don. The defence argued that these admissions were made without a support person, raising concerns about their validity. 

Dismissal of the Charge

Considering the objections raised by the defence and the insufficiency of evidence presented by the prosecution, the court made the decision to dismiss the charge against Don. With no reasonable suspicion of theft or unlawful acquisition, the charge of goods in custody could not be sustained.

Testimonial of happy client

Thanks Peter. My friend really did give me that iPod and I honestly had no idea that it may have been stolen. The police were just picking on me.


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