AH – Successful outcome to client charged with reckless damage to property

Man starts destroying home after argument with his mother

AH was charged with two counts of destroying / damaging property after engaging in a heated verbal argument with his mother. AH picked up a coffee table from the centre of the room and smashed it against the front door, obliterating the coffee table and causing a large crack to the front door. The mother intervened to try stop AH from damaging any further property, which caused the mother to sustain an injury to her left wrist. AH’s sister called the police.

Magistrate orders apprehended violence order (AVO) in good outcome for client

We successfully represented AH at Liverpool Local Court. After negotiations, the two charges were withdrawn. A final AVO order was confirmed for a mandatory period of 2 years, with condition to not approach his mother for at least 12 hours after drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs.

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