Aggravated assault: plea of not guilty – charges dismissed: Police v EK

Aggravated assault – pleas of not guilty – charges dismissed


Client was charged with an aggravated assault. The victim was unable to identify the person who assaulted him but gave evidence that the person had a New Zealand accent. A co-accused gave evidence that our client was the person who assaulted the victim.

Outcome obtained by our criminal defence lawyers:

Evidence of a co-accused has to be treated with caution particularly in a case like this where the co-offender had received a discount in sentence for putting forward the name of client. The co-accused’s evidence was not corroborated by any other evidence and was in fact in conflict with the evidence of the victim who said the assailant had a New Zealand accent when the client did not in fact have that accent.


Thank you so much for helping me to show my innocence of this charge. It is an awful feeling when someone puts your name up for something you didn’t do. O’Brien’s gave me the confidence to challenge this and get a just result. Thanks again. EK

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