Affray: representations to prosecutor & charge withdrawn: Police v BDK

Affray at Randwick Racecourse in defence of girlfriend

On the day of the incident, BDK attended Randwick Racecourse with his girlfriend and a friend. However, towards the end of the day BDK’s girlfriend experiences insults and harassment by a group of males, causing her to cry.

Subsequently, BDK decided to leave with his girlfriend. As they were leaving, BDK’s friend spotted the group of males who had harassed BDK’s girlfriend. BDK’s friend started a physical altercation with these males.

They quickly overpowered him and knocked him to the ground. BDK saw that his friend was in serious trouble, and tried shouting at the group of males to “calm down”. When that failed, BDK too became physically engaged with the males.

At the end of a brief fight, BDK was apprehended by security and handed over to police. Police charged him with affray.

Representations to police prosecutor – charge completely withdrawn

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors made representations to the police prosecutor on behalf of BDK, asking for the dismissal of the affray charges before proceeding to trial.

We made the argument in the submission that BDK clearly acted to protect his friend, which constitutes self-defence (self-defence extends to defence of a third person). Given the clear defence, the representations suggested to police that the matter be resolved without the expense of a contested trial. Police accepted these representations, and the charge was withdrawn.

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