June 22, 2016

Police v MHX

Key Words: Drive with high range prescribed concentration of alcohol, Section 110(5)(a) Road Transport Act 2013 – not give particulars to owner of damaged property, Section 287(1) Road Rules 2008 – plea of guilty – representation at sentencing


MHX was charged with two offences in relation to a collision he had with a parked car – a high-range drink driving offence and with leaving the scene of an accident without giving his particulars.


MHX was advised that the most sensible option was to plead guilty to the charges, given the unequivocal nature of the evidence against him and his full admissions to police. The defence assisted MHX in obtaining a pre-sentence report that presented him as a suitable candidate for a community service order. MHX avoided a custodial sentence and was instead sentenced to a supervised good behaviour bond, along with 80 hours of community service and disqualification of his licence.